Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Feeling Mighty Good On Inauguration Day!

Congratulations President Barack H. Obama!
We are ALL proud; We Celebrate with you & the Nation!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I enter this new year with brand new excitement. I leave behind past regrets, resentments and worry. I take with me experiences, education and positive relations. I am renewed and reinvigorated. Although technically only a day has past; what a difference a day can make, when you DECIDE to do something different. Thank God for choice! I started anew before the new year... holding myself accountable for my own joy.

I want to encourage you to make new strides. Set realistic measurable goals; and you WILL see a difference. For example don't just say you will lose the weight, say "This month I will add 3 fresh fruits/vegetable a day to my diet & remove one very unhealthy food from my life." I guarantee your body will thank you! When challenges arise... (and they will) reflect on your goal. Decide whether your goal is important enough to move through the challenges and manage your response.

Don't retreat when trouble arise - This is YOUR life~take charge and manage!

In the past I have made hasty & poor decisions which countered my dreams instead of creating something special. Now, I need that mindless activity to relax; but this time it will be the exception & not the RULE. This year, I choose to make healthier, well thought out decision... sprinkled with a touch on spontaneity to reach my goals....

What about you...

That girl, Ang