Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Changing.. and so are you...

It's been a while since I've been here.. and for that I must apologize. So much is happening in my life that I had to make a decision. I decided to choose life, love life & live life... not merely exist. I've been on the sidelines long enough, I desire to participate. So, I hope you will enjoy the ride... or you can just sit back & watch the rest of us ride by. Whatever your choice, be a willing participant not a victim. If you need a break, then allow yourself to slow down. If you are not sure where you are, take inventory. If you are raring to go.. then come on!

I wrote the following back in October of 2005...
Entitled - 'LET'S DO IT AGAIN!'

"If first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

Remember that little verse from growing up? It seemed adults would always sing that whenever, I tried something and was frustrated. They sung it so much; I started to sing it to myself.

Is there something you tried to do and it fell through: A craft, a project, riding a bike; how about praying out loud in front of others; applying for a mortgage or car loan? Yes, that little ditty can be applied to those situations as well.

I hear the Lord saying: Just do it... again! Hey! If He brought you to it, He'll bring you through it!

I want to see testimonies on something you have tried again - no matter how small!

Be Blessed!


November 12, 2005

Change isn't always something new. Sometimes it's just a matter of revisiting a past challenge and handling it differently...

That Girl, Ang

Yeah... after 9 years I decided to cut them off. LOL