Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm in South Beach Miami Biotch!

Well not right now... but I had the chance to go this year..... TWICE! The first time was in the dead of winter... NICE! I went with my sister on one of her business trips. We were "stuck" there for 2 extra days due to the snow storm back East. The second time I went with my hubby for out 13th wedding anniversary. It was as beautiful and expensive as ever! I won't bore you with a lot of words... but I posted some pictures....

Me and my sister, Regina, spent little time together as she was working. We stayed at the fabulous Shore Club. <== Yea THAT hotel if you clicked the link. It's beautiful, expensive and not without drama!. Ha! However, during our stay extension we got to do 2 amazing tours with Ken Be Tours.. and our lovely driver Oscar... who talks like Marlin Perkins from Mutal Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
Yes, the Shore Club is a beautiful establishment... just not so sure it's worth $500+ a night. Good thing it was a business trip!When left alone, I went out shopping... I got beautiful things like this Liquid Metal bracelet from the Heart & Soul Boutique on Espanola Way by designer Sergio Gutierrez.I got these lovely D&G shades...;) Had to buy Jason a pair of Ray Ban's from Lord & Taylor to quiet him down about the cost.. LOLI got my Faith tee with the Angel Wings in the back!We sought the South Beach Wild Life... LOL This guy was really funny. He dressed in a dress and asked old Motown Trivia questions. He would barely stand still... I had a time getting this photo!Of course I did the Art Deco District Walking Tour. I saw Gianni Versace's house.During our trip to Little Havanna, Miami we got to see a real Cuban making a cigar! Not like on Seinfeld! HahahaaaI bought one!We taste Cuban Coffee.... Taste like cigars!I also took the Gator tour and held an alligator! That was fun!I returned to South Beach with my husband the end of July. The weather was nice. It was hotter back East! We had beautiful weather. We did the Everglades Tour... and even ate gator bites! They taste like chicken with the flakyness of white fish. It was actually good.I even got Jason to hold a gator!We perused Ocean Drive...We watched all the party goers....We even got dresses to find a few parties.... Too much Hip Hop... do you know of some true House Music Clubs in South Beach? Hit me up before I go again next year.I got a Henna Tattoo!We checked out how the other side lives. That will be us in a few years... LOL (I wish!)We chilled by our pool....Ahh this is the life! Hahahahaaaa!
Where did you go this summer?
That Girl, Ang


Dominica said...

Hi !!!
We went to Tuscany (as you will see on my current blog pics, also take a look at my FOOD post from Italy - to die for - SO good and you know, food is love !)
I love you in that 4th pic top -> down .... can I say that pic reminded me also of Marie J. Blige ???
And the bracelet is beautiful too. Looks like you had a 'bitchin' time' :^))
So nice to hear from you again !!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I felt like I was right there with you! Niiiiiiice . . . very nice :) Can you see me smiling?

Anonymous said...

I read it, good job. It's great to have this to look back on the vacation.

vintagesue said...

well...i didn't hold a gator, but i did bite the head off of a 3 year old!!! i'm totally kidding.
i LOVE your photos. you just made me feel like i was with you....
oh...cuban coffee....WAY powerful stuff. i can't drink it, but i might if i had D&G sunglasses and that wild bracelet and that dude dressed in that campy outfit was chasin me askin me a billion questions...hahaha.
loved your post!! thanks for makin me laugh.
take care...
now i want a cuban sandwich...yum.