Thursday, November 27, 2008


Take a look around... You ARE blessed! There are so many things we take for granted: freedom, homes, job, cars, family, friends, church, employees, customers, and the list could go on and on.

I use to get angry with my husband when he didn't help me make certain decisions. I thought he didn't care about the choices I had to make. However, I would discover, that he was very supportive. You see, he understood I needed to make certain personal decisions on my own. Once I made these decisions, he was there to support my choices. Then he could help me wherever I needed him. He kept the kids, when I had a meeting or event to attend. He paid for classes, instructions or supplies I needed. He rounded up potential customers for my crafts. He even found venues for me to present. I couldn't buy that type of support if I'd tried. I thank God for the supportive blessings of my husband. It would have been nearly impossible to have done all of that without his his support.

Look back over your life and rediscover your blessings. If given the chance, I am sure they will bless you once again! ;)

“I am blessed and highly favored of the Lord!”

Be Blessed!

That Girl

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Great Debate...

To be or not to be?
To go or not to go?
To stay or not to stay?
To leave or not to leave?

Why is life so difficult for me?
Is it just me, or is it difficult for you too?
Am I the only one who faces forks in the roads?
Am I the only one who has to make painful choices?

I want to make the "right" decision,
But, I am not sure there is such a thing. what works for me & follow the Golden Rule. what works for me, while I ponder, "What Would Jesus Do?"

That Girl, Ang
November 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is NOT a Test...

Please stay tune while I handle some drama. I won't be gone to long. If you get the gadget "Blog List (NEW)" you will know when I return.
Thank you for your support while i get things done.

With much thanks.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Huge Wave of Emotions....

It's been nearly 4 days since we heard the results for the Presidential Elections 2008... and I am only just experiencing emotions. I teeter between Pure Excitement & Extreme Caution. Logically nothing has changed.. or so I thought: I still have bills to pay, crime is still in the world, my kids are still annoying.... but then I got a thought.... "Hey! This is a major moment in victory.. It's a major moment in history" This is a great moment for ALL people... but it will also take time to see a difference.... or so I thought.

Whatever the circumstances are.... I am overcome with gladness. The steps my ancestors built for free.. The steps they toiled over.. the very steps that were a reminder of past oppression is now a more inclusive symbol of victory.

I just want to be able to enjoy this moment in time without the bickering.. without the fear tactics... without oversimplification, explanations, indignation, retaliation, rationalization and without ridiculously high expectations. I want to live in the moment and feel free to express my emotions... un-judged, and uncategorized. So please don't hinder my joys or my tears my tears...

Please don't slap me with projections of what is to come... Just let me be. Give me this time to celebrate. Life goes on... and it always will! But just for this moment... Just for this point in time ~ I will stand still and be glad.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Yes we did!

Yes, we must keep on doing it.

Don't sleep y'all the work has only just begun!

God Bless... And Good night!

ETA: This craft project got some play! LOL:
The ObamaCraftProject