Monday, December 1, 2008

Black in Style (The Precursor)

Sitting here 4:05am in the morn.. Listening to "Show You the Way to Go" by The Jacksons, it suddenly dawns on me that I have 2 blogs in process that I need to complete and publish. One is "What Obama Can't Fix" which is a satirical look at the suggestions & downright demands put on this man before he even hits the door.... & the other is "Black In Style" a look at our style, music, pop culture & yes, progress over the pass 40 years... ~ Both, I figure, are very interesting reads, but I will let you tell me.... eventually... LOL

However are a precursor to Black in Style, I would like to post a couple of stylish pictures of my hubby & I at his high school reunion. He picked out my dress.. Everyone seem to get a kick out of that fact.. and I don't mind tellin' it either! Hey, it's his class reunion... Why not let him decide how we should represent?

That Girl, Ang


Anonymous said...

You and your hubbers are HOT! Your dress is gorgeous! It's always interesting to see a face connected to all the typing going on.
Beautiful pics :)

I've totally neglected my blog..I always do. Maybe I'll surprise you and post a pic of moi sometime (but I guarantee I will not be wearing a dress).


That Girl Ang said...

GB, you are so sweet to say so - thank you! I truly appreciate the compliment.... ;)


Both you and the Hubby looked fabu! hope the reunion went well dear?You looked divine in that dress,hubby has great tatse ;o)

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

Beautiful Dress...Very Elegant.

Dominica said...

LOVE the dress !
Elegant and a bit sexy but in a classy kind of way !
The shoes look great they have a peep-toe ?

take care !

Ms. Butta-fly said...

That's deep when your man picks out your dress. He's got great taste, you both looked wonderful