Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who Loves You Baby? Why I Do. SPLASH!

Well I admit, I have been pretty lame lately. Too lazy to clean and organize the house... let alone write a blog. However, I would LOVE to get both accomplish as I truly love organization and creative information. So THANKS to my good blog buddy Sue to help me get a move on (....well atleast with the blog aspect). LOL
(Beautiful necklace made from "Junk" by VintageSue)
So, if you love Creative, Eclectic, Whimsical and Wildly Wonderful ways to recycle, reuse, relove and adore.. then you will LOVE her blog.... vintagesue! She is such a SMART writer. I love her style. She's a Great pick me up in the middle of my day! Hey Sue! Who Loves You Baby?! That's right... I Do!

Anywho, Sue gifted me with the SPLASH AWARD on October 21, 2009. I was truly honored as She has SO many followers.. I appreciate the fact that she reads my blog (when I post) LOL

The rules state that:

1. To choose nine blogs to forward the award.
2. Post the award and the links on your blog and
3. Link back to my blog.

So my top 9 blogs for Creative Soulful & Sexy AND Tomboy Around Town (the 2 blogs I write) are:

1. vintagesue
2. Swagger 360
3. Lemoncholy's flight of fancy
4. Faces & Places of Antwerp
5. Outsapop Trashion
6. Style Bubble
7. Junk Dreams
8. The Impossible Cool
9. Got Art

I must admit I ran out of space as I can add on another 11 names.. atleast! Seriously. You all have been ainpiring.. SO I honor you!

That girl,


kecia said...

hey there - thank you for thinking of me and passing along this cool award! look for a special posting soon, i'm gonna have a blog giveaway to celebrate "giving".


Dominica said...

Thank you SO much and just did what I had to do and forwarded the award(s) to 9 other blogosphere friends !

vintagesue said...

thanks ang...i'm glad i'm motivating you. now tell me to get movtived to kill all the spiders in my basement. i just spent 1 hour looking at venomous house spiders. i won't sleep well tonite at all.
that is why i blog. to take my mind off of scary stuff like basement spiders that are hairy and as big as my daughters hand. the basement is where i PAINT. now i'm scared to go down there. AAAAHHHHH.
i'm going to some of your blogs right now....
take care

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

keep doing your thing... keep it fresh and creative.