Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why I Like Being Called "Ma"

Although I love being a mother, this post is NOT about "MA! I'm hungry!" or better yet, it's not about "Hey MA! Tell 'so & so" to stop hitting me!" This is about the more sensual side of being called "Ma". When the grown and sexy use it between each other.

Look, every ethnic group has their terms of endearments. We all do it... some more than others (smirk). Some I think are cute like "Hey Mommy!" or "Aye Poppy" LOL. However there are others I loathe like "My old lady/man" blah!

It's wonderful (to me) to hear grown man call his woman "Boo"... "Hey Boo, just called to see if you need anything" or " I missed you Boo"

My all time favorite is "Ma".I 1st recalled hearing it when a dear childhood friend responded on Facebook to this picture that my husband had taken of me.

He said "Looking good Ma". Honestly, I had never been called that by a grown man, and my husband calls me Boo (which I adore).... but this was new. It evoked feelings of sexiness (no, not toward my friend) but just in general. I was warm and satisfying and I liked it.

I even had a girlfriend call me "Ma" and it was cute in a "honey-child" "girlfriend" sort of way.

Some of my other favorite warm and fuzzy words:

Heavenly Father
The Obamas
Financially Secured (hahaha)

What word evokes pleasure in you? What do you like to be called? What gets you going and why?

That Girl, Ang


Sherry Goodloe said...

What word evokes pleasure in me? I haven't heard it yet, but it would be this phrase: "you can retire from the day job!"

What do I like to be called?
I like it when my teenage students call me "Ms. Goodloe"
When my 18-year old manchild calls me "mommy"
When my best friend calls me "Boogie"
When one of my best male friends calls me "Chica"

Another good friend calls me "boo" . . . but not like in "who gonna check me boo?" LOL!

Dominica said...

LOVE you in that blue dress !! WOW !!

That Girl Ang said...

Sherry - Well said!

Dominica . Why thank you Ma! LOL


vintagesue said...

hey are rocking the blue dress to say the least. wow!! as zoey would say..."you are so beautiful"
what do i like to hear????
i like to hear both my kids call me 'beautiful'. they do so all the time...okay...they don't know any better yet. when they get a little older, they will take it all back. lol.
i don't like to hear "mom" over and over and over again. it reminds me of family guy when stewie (sp) just saying mom over and over again to lois. but i do like to hear the word 'mommy' from zoey. just not mom over and over again.