Monday, October 13, 2008

Girl Crush or Great New Music???

So today's topic was a toss between a girl crush or new music. Well, I decided to go with the music! LOL I will do girl crush tomorrow if something else doesn't pop up! Ha-ha...

This is not to be a dissapointer... I was building my music for this blog.. (Actually I built this blog as a place to house this kick-ass musical geniuses playlist!) I have Sherry to thank for this.. LOL Her incredible music selection on her GotArt blog was my inspiration to build my musical dream team of artists.

Anywho, I came across Rafael Saadiq's new album The Way I See It, which incorporates old style music with new lyrics. You may remember Raphael from the popular man band Tony! Toni! Toné! Oh yeah, with soft sultry hits like Whaterver You Want or the amazing ballet It Never Rains in Southern California, OH I have some stories about those.. but ahhh.. that's for another time.

Getting back to Raphael, he has had a moderately successful music career from collaboration to collaboration.. solo to solo... This album is something new to add to his ever growing list of masterpieces. My husband, who is a Mr Saadiq fan was not impressed with this newest album... It was DH's (dear hubby's) criticism which lead me to hear it even more. Don't get me wrong Mr. Sexy (dh) is a great judge of music, but his strong opinions sometimes leads me to dissension... LOL That's normal for couples! Right?!

When I heard Sure Hope You Mean It, Love That Girl, & 100 Yard Dash - I totally feel in love with the album. It's a very sensual album. Are you surprise? After all, that's Rafael's m.o. This new album boasts a bit of old school respectability & new cool swagger. I actually felt that way about another artist who had done the same thing.... Her songs, although laced with deliciously shameful rhetoric, was my guilty pleasure... But alas, she has spiraled down so far, that I cannot & will not condone her actions. This nameless vixen will remain unspoken, her songs unsung in my book. 'No, no, no' I won't do it. Get some help girl!

Anywho, you can hear a few of the songs on Rafael Saadiq's new album, The Way I See It, on my blog playlist. Just page down to the bottom or better yet... got out and buy the album! If you like new school candor with old school charm... you will love this album just like I do!

ETA (Edited to add) : I must mention that I 1st heard this album on The Michael Baisden Radio Show about a week ago. Much props to Mr Baisden for championing lesser known or under appreciated B-Side Artists! Way to go Michael.


Sherry Goodloe said...

Ok, don't hurt me, but I've got to agree with your dh on Saadiq's newest cd. At least for the first go round. I'll have to listen a few times before giving my final verdict.

I think that *Still Ray* could grow on me, but not sure about the others at this point.

Hey now . . .I never can say goodbye. even though the pain and heartaches seem to follow me wherever I go . . . ah yeah, the memories. 1971, Indianapolis, Herbie Taylor . . . umph

NJTomboy said...

I do understand... LOL... I usually only like a few songs on his album.. the ones I like ~ I REALLY Like! I first heard 1 or 2 of the songs on The Michael Baisden Radio show.