Monday, October 20, 2008

Here's a Little Challenge to Start Off The Week

You know, there is nothing more special than an unexpected expression or love & kindness. Just tonight while making dinner, my oldest came from behind and gave me a great big hug. It was welcome surprise as he is sometimes in his own pre-teen world ~ thinking, daydreaming, playing, creating, wondering etc... which I assume, usually doesn't include thoughts of mom & dad. For that moment nothing else matter, It just felt good. Then he went off to his pre-teen preoccupations. LOL

This gave me a thought for a challenge. I challenge you all to make a special effort to unexpectedly bless someone else. Completely catch someone off guard. It can be of any nature - here are a few suggestions:

- You can make something: small gift, meal, make the bed...

- You can do something: pay the toll for the car behind you, buy some groceries for a neighbor, pick up a restaurant tab…

- You can write something: A note, poem, an apology...

Whatever, you decide to do is fine as long as it is from the heart. If the unsuspecting person offers to repay your kindness, simply state: "Pay it forward - do something nice for someone else"

Please report back and let us know how, it made you feel.

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Sherry Goodloe said...

I paid the toll for someone behind me several months ago, and then took off and exited before they could catch up to me.

I saw them flash their lights to say thank you. It felt good to do something for a total stranger that only saw the back of my car and head! I hope they paid it forward.

PS: Check the Rhyme. Yeah, that's my groove right there