Saturday, October 11, 2008


Slower type of Fast
Classy type of Sass
Older kind of New

Conservatively Free
What about us??
What about me?!
Just let me be...

Calculatingly Spontaneity
Dramatically Realistic
Ornately Simplistic
A Gorgeous Mess.
'Just let me be' byABPryor, 2008

Welcome to the Creatively Soulful & Sexy blog. Grab a drink that warms you (I prefer hot chocolate with a splash of coffee), turn on your sounds... enjoy the music, relax & read...

Get turned on, get turned off ~ just stay awhile.
Smile & laugh, get pissed & scoff... just engage a while.
Come early or come late.... sneak here through out your day...
Flaunt in the open or treat like an affair ~ No judgment, just get here!



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