Friday, October 17, 2008

Potpourri Friday! Gripe~Delusional Characters

I've gots lots on my mind... Lot's of gripes like Joe doesn't know Jack! He thought he was help out McCan't or rather McAin't, but he ended up looking like a fool. What does McAin't delusional supporters do? They blame Obama... Absolutely Unbelievable! Blame it on Obama... Wasn't it McCan't who called that man out?!

How many folk out there are voting based on faking it until they make it... Guess what? It doesn't work! Be who you are and aspire to do more. Why would you support the candidate for the rich when you are no where near it? You have 4 cars.. 3 have for sale signs on them but you are a McAin't supporter... Delusional please! Why despise intellect?! Isn't the goal for our kids to do better than us? Obama is the hope & the dream of so many of our ancestors.... That hope crossed many races! It's not just a black or white dream! If you reduce it to that.. then you my dear are a little thinker.

Now, I am not saying you can't disagree with Obama. If you are a CEO of a large corporation with deep pockets & politicians in your back pocket.. then by all means... Vote for the McAin't / Palin ticket.. but something tells me those couple of Mavericks will turn on you soon too!

Cue the music: Electric Relaxation ~ Tribe Called Quest

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