Wednesday, October 15, 2008

'Why' I Started This Blog...

I am not a fan of exposing my true self to the unknown. For what it's worth - I like to keep my private life... well - uh private!... underneath a cloak of mystery. LOL Seriously, it's much more exciting to create the fanciful life. The one I dream about to cover the humdrum tedium of my true everyday life. Plus, I am so many things to so many people - I never find time for myself. Portrait Samuel R. Byrd "My Solitude" ==>

So, sometimes I just want to be... Even if it's just for a few seconds of every hour.. or a few minutes of everyday.

What do I want to be you ask? Whatever my mind can conceive (within reason) or maybe not... That's the beauty of the imagination! It doesn't have to be within reason... Of course we need to know where to draw the line. After all we are adults and we all have real responsibilities. However, in order to get through the day.. sometimes all it take is a fleeting thought that brings a smile to our face.

Remember that past love?
Enjoyed that scrumptious meal?
Seen that amazing play?
Humming to your favorite tune?
Saying what you believe and not fearing?
Danced like no one was watching? And if so, who cares?

Sometimes I want to play freeze tag with my grown up adult friends! I want to have a pamper slumber party with the girls, that is raided by the guys (note to self: our guys... husbands, significant others etc). I want to skip down the pathway with a basket of flowers. If it wasn't for vertigo & Canadian Geese, I would roll down the hill in the park.

Well these times come too far & too few in between. However in order to keep our..., to keep my sanity, I need to make time to do them. Even if it's once in a blue moon. I believe that blue moon experience will carry me into the next it should arise again.

So meanwhile if you are too uptight, not ready to take that carefree plunge, every once in a while stop by here. Scroll down to start music playing, grab that cup o' joe (or whatever) relax & read.

Be Creative.
Groove Soulfully.
Feel Sexy!

More importantly, enjoy it as the moments are fleeting.

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Sherry Goodloe said...

Nice post - I'm following you *smiles*