Monday, October 27, 2008

Taking It Personally... The Good & The Bad News

I personalize things allot. In fact, I know that I am super sensitive.... Maybe even over sensitive. I've been mourning tragic events & reminders all weekend long.

The Hudson Family Tragedy

One Child Tires To Save Younger Child, Both Perish

Obama & African American Death Plot

Fake McCain Support Attack - Reminiscence or Susan Smith

The Opening Of 'Soul Men' This Week - Reminiscence of Bernie & Isaac

Deadly Newark Shooting Spree

But I do realize for every mournful or negative story I reminisce on, there are far Better stories to think of as well...

Earthly Angel Buys back Home & Returns To Owner

Better HIV/AIDS Treatment

Breast Cancer Survivor Talks About A second Chance @ Life

70 Year Old Disabled Man Saved From Fire

Soft Toy Campaign Raised Millions For Children Around The World

600+ Adults Arrested & 47 Children Rescued in Child Prostitution Ring Bust

New Drug May Strengthen Women's Bones

Women Rise To Power in Recovering Rwanda

Goodwill Program Helps Young Fathers

How To Get Holiday Jobs

Volunteer Group Help With Flood Repairs

Governor Offer Lift To Elderly Man & Daughter Whose Car Broke Down

It's a shame that I had to work so hard to find these feel good/good news stories in the mainstream media.. But then again, it lifted my mood from the constant doom & gloom of the so-called 'news'.

I am committing one day every week to finding & listed Good News Reports... NO, I don't expect you to read them all in one sitting.. but come back to sneak a peek..... You just might be presently surprised.... I was!

Great Is Your Mercy! Donnie McClurkin


Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm glad you found some *good* news to help balance out the bad. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her family as well.

I heard about the woman that bought back the house for the woman that had lost it. What a Random Act of Kindness THAT was!

Ahhhh, PS If anyone reading this would like to purchase a single mother and her son a home or pay the rent up for a few months . . . well, all I'm saying is . . .

kecia said...

hi, i found you on sherry's blog. we just attended a class together in california with cindy forrestor and i noticed that you are in NJ - so am i! i am in Wall Township, so i just thought i'd say hi to ya!